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Download My eBook below and Fully Understand How to Survive Dengue Fever for You and Your Love Ones!

Also for open minded Doctors and Nurses who believe that there are still a lot to discover apart from what the Medical Textbooks has published.

Dengue Fever is killing about 25,000 people every year worldwide and it is present from January to December! The number of incidence are increasing and if you are living in a tropical country then you and your family will always be a target of this disease.

Sad to say that Dengue Fever could be one of the most misunderstood disease in the world. Many have focused on how to increase the platelets but not really on hydration as I mentioned in the first part of this website.

I believe that most Dengue Deaths can be prevented with proper information. My discoveries, ideas and explanations on how can that be possible are written in my downloadable downloadable eBook: A New Hope Against Dengue Fever.

This is the story behind the book…I finished my Pediatric Training last 2001 and started my formal practice in Panabo City, Philippines. This area has a high occurrence of Dengue Fever I was exposed in treating a lot of different Dengue cases everyday in the hospital. I considered Dengue as a puzzle that needed to be solved because even though I am already a trained Pediatrician, I still felt scared handling this disease. I knew there was still something that needs to be discovered about it and thus I took notice of the different presentations of each case to another. In 2005 I even went to a Asian Dengue Summit in Kota Kinabalu, Indonesia that gave me more inputs that I never read from any medical book. I took the the learnings and applied it together with personal discoveries in practice together which resulted to a big improvement to the patients and boosted my confidence. I further modified the explanation by laymanizing it for the people to understand and shared it to as many through online and offline outreaches. I knew that there is a need for people to view Dengue Fever the way I see it so I made it my advocacy!

Since 2007, I started my eye opening lectures in different locations to educate the public in my own unique and yet understandable and even funny way. I had a regular radio program at DXAB explaining Dengue Fever in the airways. I was also interviewed nationwide about Dengue advocacy until by December of 2016, I became the Consultant of the Department of Health of the Philippines on Dengue Fever.

Because of my efforts to correct the myths about Dengue I'm awarded with the following:

1. Hero of Year 2014 by Edge Newspaper

2. Awarded with Resolutions of Commendations from 2 city governments (Davao City and Panabo City).

3. Outstanding Alumnus of the Davao Medical School Foundation due to my local and nationwide campaign on Dengue to correct the misconceptions.  Below is a TV5 national broadcast.

4. National Health Exemplar of the Year 2017 by Health and Lifestyle Magazine

I want to reach all the people worldwide with my findings on Dengue in order to save lives. For the 16 years of being a Pediatrician in Panabo City, Philippines were Dengue is almost always present, I wrote my observations and solutions into a 100 page ebook titled How Not to Die of Dengue Fever.

The good thing about technology is that you don’t need to go and meet him personally. Through this downloadable eBook you will read what he really wanted to say and judge for yourself if he has a point when he says, “lots of people are dying of Dengue die to ignorance worldwide.” If you or your love one is currently ill of Dengue, this eBook is totally needed for you to read before the condition worsens.

This Book is for both Patients, Parents and Doctors alike…

  1. Those who are currently suffering with Dengue and are looking for remedies. You may find a lot of it in the web, but this one is from a Doctor with a 16 years of observing this disease face to face. And I want to tell you frankly, it’s not papaya or any herbs!
  2. Those who have love one who are currently suffering from Dengue.
  3. Those who wants to educate themselves about Dengue in order to prevent severity just in case it happens to them or their love ones.
  4. Doctors who are wondering about my own formula that I currently use based on the 15 years of revisions.
  5. Doctors who want to do further research in Dengue management.

What you will know from this book:

  • How will I know if the fever is Dengue Fever? Note: It’s not the presence of rashes or nose bleeding.
  • How will I know if I am hydrate properly?
  • What are the 4 factors of Dengue survival?
  • Can I just stay home?
  • How will I know if my love one has Dengue?
  • What are the warning signs that a Dengue patient will be severe?
  • Can a Dengue patient be managed at home or should the patient be admitted?
  • Knowing how the Enemy Attacks
  • Signs of a fully hydrated dengue patient
  • Reminders on How to Survive Dengue Fever
  • Additional Information about Dengue
  • How I Explain Dengue on the First Day of Care
  • An Observation in Singapore
  • Four Factors on Dengue Survival
  • Why the number of Dengue Deaths in Dengue are still increasing?
  • Dengue Danger Signs
  • Dengue Vaccine
  • Insect Repellant to help Decrease Dengue Incidence
  • Water vs. dengue article
  • Dengue Increases During El Niño too
  • Dengue Information for Healthcare Professionals (for Doctors and Nurses)
  • Dr. Mata’s Dengue Management (for Doctors and Nurses)
  • Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Practical Tips For Healthcare Professionals (for Doctors and Nurses)
  • How to Use this Practical Tips Material for a Mortality Review (for Doctors and Nurses)

And many more…

Read what others say about Dr. Mata's Dengue explanation!

I am a nurse and I have been to different hospitals and my experience on Dengue patients have been dreadful. It was like death is experienced almost every week but when I came to the hospital where Dr. Mata is practicing, I noticed a big difference. The Dengue patients under his care don’t seem to enter a severe status. Hypotension is a dreaded status on dengue and for years of assisting him, I can not recall of any time when I called him that his patient went into shock. He is able to prevent it from happening with his understandable advise to the parents and the nurses and on top of it is his practical technique.

Marjorie Yambao 

I really appreciate the delivery & the content of your lecture on dengue. It will be very useful to us Municipal Health Officers & our nurses in educating our constituents & making zero-dengue death happen in our country.

Anent to this, i would like to request a copy of your dengue as soon as possible because i have speaking engagements today at BLGP Training of all our Barangay Captains, Kagawad on Health & Midwives, Cotabato Provincial Congress on Monday, and so on, and i would like to include on my talk your lecture on dengue.

Hoping for your kind support to our endeavors at the grassroots to help make a difference in the health system & lives of the Filipino people at the rural areas, I remain.

Dr. Jun Sotea 
Municipal Health Officer

I am amazed on how Dr. Mata was able to explain a very complex disease into a very simple and understandable way.

Dr. Bong Ybiernas

My daughter was admitted with Dengue under Dr. Mata, what I love about him is that on the first day of admission he comforted me that everything’s gonna be ok because my child is urinating very well and he explained that it is expected that the platelet will still drop everyday and he amazingly predicted on what day it will increase! That really comforted us and true enough what he said, is really what happened!

Imelda Dalumpines 

“I never understood Dengue before, not until I learned it from Dr. Richard Mata during his presentation in the City Council Privilege speech.”

Al Ryan Alejandre
City Councillor of Davao

That's when I decided to do further research. Finally after combing thru countless WHO protocols I came across your site. I was awed that you seemed to have this monster called Dengue figured out! In contrast, here we are in a situation where our son's life is at the mercy of a doctor that did not have any idea how to run your protocol. Our son could walk, talk, and urinate regularly, thanks to our efforts to give him oral hydration. Dengue is like a puzzle, like a Rubik’s cube, it looks difficult to solve but it is solvable.

Vince Uba

I have read your information on dengue many times and appreciate your clarity and advice.

Segi Gonte 

I am a Doctor who does moonlighting for quite sometime. Before I always got scared if I have Dengue patient admitted. But ever since I worked with Dr. Mata, I learned a lot of his hydration management and urine output monitoring that really gave me confidence on managing Dengue patients. Duties now are now less toxic because of what I’ve learned.

Dr. Vivian Valeña
Family Physician

Purchasing this complete Dengue eBook of Dr. Mata will tremendously benefit you and your family and also this advocacy! The price of the 100 page eBook is 19.95 USD only. It is priced the same to the cost of 1 unit of blood for transfusion but you will soon realize that proper information is better than anything else in fighting Dengue Fever!

The Bonus: If after reading the eBook and you still have a question or clarification, you can email me directly with the email address found inside the eBook and I will answer you the soonest way possible.

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