About This Site

Mission:  To reach out to all the world and correct the many misconceptions of this disease Dengue Fever.  We believe that the more people will see the truth about, the lesser deaths will there be.

Vision: There are about 25,000 deaths of Dengue worldwide annually, this advocacy aims to dramatically decrease that to even 90 percent. We believe a lot of deaths can be linked to lack of correct information about this disease.  We aim to become an eye opener not only to the public but also to the healthcare practitioners like the doctors and nurses.

About The Author

Dr. Richard Mata

CEO of www.solving-dengue-fever.com

Dr. Richard Mata is a Paediatrician by profession.  His main practice is in Panabo City, Philippines where there a lot of Dengue cases but only a few Doctors.  This has allowed him to be totally exposed to this disease and led him to discover a lot of things not written yet in textbooks. Due to his efforts in correcting the wrong mentality of the people about Dengue Fever, he is awarded with the following:

1. Hero of Year 2014 by Edge Newspaper

2. Awarded with Resolutions of Commendations from 2 city governments (Davao City and Panabo City).

3. Outstanding Alumnus of the Davao Medical School Foundation

4. National Health Exemplar of the Year 2017 by Health and Lifestyle Magazine

​Dr. Mata also has a gifted mind.  When he was just 9 years old he was able to finish the Rubik's cube in his own way without the aid of "how to" instructions.  Today he even developed a software for Doctors through self study of programming even if he has no formal IT background.  His other website for that is www.easyclinicsoftware.com.

​He is married to Erika S. Mata, the founder of Humabi, a social entrepeneur helping woman detainees through bag selling.  Here's her site www.humabi-bags.com.