Pediatrician's Blog: How to Really Increase the Platelets in Dengue Fever

Solving Dengue Fever

"Dengue is a deadly disease.  Herbs are not the cure but proper hydration and correct information." Dr. Richard Mata

Pediatrician’s Blog: How to Really Really Increase the Platelets in Dengue Fever

Hi! My name is Dr. Richard Mata, I’m a Pediatrician for 16 years in a Dengue prone area in the Philippines. I am also now the official Consultant for Dengue Fever of the Department of Health.

My simplified explanation on how to survive Dengue Fever has been adopted by the Department of Health  and I now go around nationwide to teach everyone about it.  It has been accepted greatfully by Health workers, Doctors and the general public. I hope I can fully share it with you.  I do believe that we need to explain in a way an kindergarten can understand it.

Probably you are a patient with Dengue or a parent of a patient with Dengue Fever, that’s why you were able to find my website Solving Dengue Fever.

One of the most common inquiry I receive from a Dengue patient is how to increase the platelets. For 16 years I’ve been treating thousands of patients and was able to observe the different herbs that the families usually provide the patients. I don’t actually forbid them if they wanted to use herbs or supplements because it also helps me to see which of them can really give a good effect on increasing the platelets.

The most commonly used herbs in our area were, Papaya leaves, Papaya fruit, Tawa-tawa leaves, Durian fruit and Camote tops. Aside from herbs, many also believed in boiled duck egg (Balut) ,and a lot of other food supplements that they got from Networking companies.

So the question is which among the above have I observed gave a good kick in increasing the platelets?

Before I answer that let me show you first this graph below. This is a graph that shows when does the platelets starts to go below normal and when does it increase in a Dengue patient even without giving any platelet increaser herb or supplement.  Meaning this is the natural pattern observed in a Dengue patient without giving any platelet increaser.

As you can see below, the platelets starts to go below normal at the 3rd day of fever and if you follow the line the platelet will increase somewhere at the 6th day. This is basically what is seen in almost all Dengue patients.

The Expected Fall and Rise of Platelets in Dengue Fever

So the question is, is there a herb or supplement that can improve the number of platelets apart from the expected natural increase as graphed in the table above? There is actually a big tendency that they will say their herb worked because the platelets increased but when I checked the day when it increased, I noticed that it was still on the 6th day!  Therefore, the herbs were just acting like a placebo meaning "no effect at all."  The increase was not due to the herb or supplement but it was an expected increase on a stable Dengue patient.

Even if they took the herb from the start of fever, the platelet still decreased daily and only got an increase when the patient reached the 6th day from the start of fever.

​Does that mean that we don't need to give patients anything and just wait for the 6th day?  Not really. What I observed is that patients who developed internal dehydration due to the Dengue Fever became severe.  The severity therefore of a Dengue patient is more related to lack of hydration than to the number of platelet count.  So to answer the question, what can we really increase the platelets, the answer is good hydration.  Good hydration will stabilize the patient to reach the 6th day safely.  Upon reaching the 6th day, the natural increase of platelets will play on its on.

For many years I compiled my observations and my findings and I am now presenting them to people through lectures in the Philippines.  If you are a parent of a Dengue patient you really need to know further about this disease before severity sets in.  I would like to invite you to get my eBook titled A New Hope Against Dengue Fever where you can read my simplified and laymanized explanations that can equip you to fight the disease from the start.  What I discovered that many deaths can be linked to ignorance.  Like do you know if the patient is dehydrated? What are the signs of severity?  And what you can do to prevent that.

The following are the other things you will know ​from this eBook:

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Marjorie Yambao


I am a nurse and I have been to different hospitals and my experience on Dengue patients have been dreadful. It was like death is experienced almost every week but when I came to the hospital where Dr. Mata is practicing, I noticed a big difference. The Dengue patients under his care don’t seem to enter a severe status. Hypotension is a dreaded status on dengue and for years of assisting him, I can not recall of any time when I called him that his patient went into shock. He is able to prevent it from happening with his understandable advise to the parents and the nurses and on top of it is his practical technique.

Dr. Jun SoteaMunicipal Health Officer

I really appreciate the delivery & the content of your lecture on dengue. It will be very useful to us Municipal Health Officers & our nurses in educating our constituents & making zero-dengue death happen in our country.

Anent to this, i would like to request a copy of your dengue as soon as possible because i have speaking engagements today at BLGP Training of all our Barangay Captains, Kagawad on Health & Midwives, Cotabato Provincial Congress on Monday, and so on, and i would like to include on my talk your lecture on dengue.

Hoping for your kind support to our endeavors at the grassroots to help make a difference in the health system & lives of the Filipino people at the rural areas, I remain.

Dr. Bong YbiernasProvincial Health Officer

I am amazed on how Dr. Mata was able to explain a very complex disease into a very simple and understandable way.

Imelda DalumpinesMother

My daughter was admitted with Dengue under Dr. Mata, what I love about him is that on the first day of admission he comforted me that everything’s gonna be ok because my child is urinating very well and he explained that it is expected that the platelet will still drop everyday and he amazingly predicted on what day it will increase! That really comforted us and true enough what he said, is really what happened!

Councilor Al Ryan AlejandreDavao, Philippines

“I never understood Dengue before, not until I learned it from Dr. Richard Mata during his presentation in the City Council Privilege speech.”

Vince UbaFather

That's when I decided to do further research. Finally after combing thru countless WHO protocols I came across your site. I was awed that you seemed to have this monster called Dengue figured out! In contrast, here we are in a situation where our son's life is at the mercy of a doctor that did not have any idea how to run your protocol. Our son could walk, talk, and urinate regularly, thanks to our efforts to give him oral hydration. Dengue is like a puzzle, like a Rubik’s cube, it looks difficult to solve but it is solvable.

Dr. Vivian ValeniaFamily Physician

I am a Doctor who does moonlighting for quite sometime. Before I always got scared if I have Dengue patient admitted. But ever since I worked with Dr. Mata, I learned a lot of his hydration management and urine output monitoring that really gave me confidence on managing Dengue patients. Duties now are now less toxic because of what I’ve learned.

Segi GonteMother

I have read your information on dengue many times and appreciate your clarity and advice.

Who is Dr. Richard T. Mata?

Because of his revelations he is now the He the official Consultant for the Department of Health of the Philippines for Dengue Fever Prevention and Mortality Reduction and was awarded as Hero by the Edge Newspaper and also Awarded as a National Health Exemplar by the Health and Lifestyle Magazine.


Dr. Richard Mata is a Pediatrician for 16 years in Davao del Norte, Philippines where there is always a high incidence of Dengue Fever almost all throughout the year, yes even in summer!

Through those years, he had the benefit to observe what really happens in Dengue Fever. Unfortunately many of the important findings he noticed are not yet written in Medical Textbooks and even in a Google search. Seeing the importance of his discoveries he made a Dengue diary and compiled the important findings throughout all these years and now he is releasing it to open people’s eyes!

He made it as an advocacy by teaching the people about what Dengue Fever really is! He gets to be interviewed on radio and TV locally and nationally. Below is a national Philippine magazine that features the top 5 Health Exemplars of 2017 where Dr. Richard Mata is one of them due to his efforts of correcting the wrong beliefs about Dengue Fever and thus saving lives through information dissemination.

Purchase the eBook below and you will also receive my personal email address so that you can ask some more questions about Dengue directly to me.  You're buying this eBook will not only benefit you with life saving information but also helps this website reach more people!  The funds are used so we can do more Facebook ads targeting countries with many Dengue deaths.